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Oklahoma is notorious for strong storms, even tornadoes, so why exactly don't we have more basements?  Is it because of soil or something else?

Every year Oklahoma has strong storms and tornadoes. One might think that basements are commonplace as a result, but this is definitely not the case.

Bottom line up front, the reason Oklahoma doesn't have basements is because we've never had them and change is difficult.

People have heard rumors about poor soil, high water tables, etc. While all of this is true we have modern construction methods to deal with these issues. These issues are not unique to Oklahoma.

Additionally because basements are not usually built, many contractors may not know how to build one.

This would be a great opportunity for an out of state contractor.

There is a great fear about hydro static pressure, and leaky basements among most residents, and most people believe these problems are unique to the Oklahoma climate, but they are not. 

If not built correctly any basement built any where can fail. The number one thing to consider when building a basement is the contractor doing the work and water proofing.

Local citizens may feel more comfortable with a storm shelter installed in the garage for example, instead of a basement.

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