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Other Services:

Termite inspection

The price is now only $115.. For any questions call 918-954-3120. 

Termite/Insect Treatments:

We offer pest control, and termite treatments also. Because we are connected with many different companies we are able to offer this service at a lower price than a consumer could on their own.


Mold Inspection

A complete mold inspection includes sampling indoor and outdoor air, and an Inspection of the roof, siding, plumbing, etc to find the source or potential sources of moisture that can cause mold.

Finally, a written report including pictures will be provided to the customer with any findings and lab results from any mold samples.

Pricing is $300 up to 3500 sq ft. Safehome does NOT charge extra per sample of mold taken.


Sewer Scope

A sewer scope is used to find and locate problems like tree roots, collapsed sewer lines, degraded sewer pipes, etc through a video visual inspection of the interior sewer pipe as it exists at the time of the inspection, beginning from the sewer cleanout, going as far as is possible with the video camera for the property.

The locations of any problems will be marked so that the homeower can make repairs with a licensed plumber.

The price is $225 up to 3500 sq ft.

sewer scope.png
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