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SafeHome Home Inspections, LLC

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SafeHome Home Inspections, LLC a local tulsa based business was created by Dustin Johnson. He created the business after over 15 years in the real estate industry in various forms. Dustin brings experience from buying and selling homes, owning and operating rental properties, personally renovating and flipping as well as managing various aspects of investment property through his former company Best Property Group, LLC. He has personally replaced floor joist, sub floors, sill plates, rim joists and Installed electrical plumbing, etc. As the owner and inspector for SafeHome Home Inspections, LLC Dustin takes his time to do a thorough job for the customer and isn't simply there for a paycheck from a company he doesn't own, unlike many other home inspectors.


The mission of Safehome Home Inspections, LLC is to be an elite home inspection company serving the Tulsa area. At Safehome we use state of the art technology for our inspections including thermal imaging on every inspection (at no extra cost). We also use technology that allows the inspection report to be almost 80% complete on site, meaning we can meet with the customer at the end of the inspection to discuss the findings that will appear on the report. The report is always completed the same day.

At Safehome we are always friendly and work closely with contractors and realtors. We recognize the hard work they put in to get a buyer for a house.


At the same time, we maintain healthy boundaries understanding that our customer is paying us to be unbiased. We don't wine and dine realtors (a common practice) in order to get more referrals. We always put your interests first.

When you're ready just give us a call at 918-954-3120 or schedule an inspection.


We stay pretty busy performing around 300 different inspections each year so the earlier you call the better.

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