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New Oklahoma Theme Park?

Will a new theme park be built, and what will be the impact on property values?

Will there be a new theme park in Oklahoma?

According to multiple sources, a gigantic 2 billion dollar theme park will be built near Vinita, Oklahoma. The theme park will be located about 45 minutes from Tulsa.


Since the announcement, it does appear that a theme park will be built. It will be known as the American Heartland theme park and resort.


The RV park is due to be completed in 2025, and the theme park in 2026 according to several sources.

Property Value

While not a guarantee, It is likely that if built as planned property values will increase in Vinita and Tulsa.

How big?

Including the RV park, it should be over 400 acres, and rival Disney World's Magic Kingdom


There is no guarantee the theme park will actually be built. It would not be the first time in this country a theme park has been announced but never built. Not to mention the location is a rural area and the infrastructure as well as manpower may not support the build taking place.

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