At Safehome, we do not have any hidden prices or quotes.

*Updated pricing for a home inspection:

Homes 1500 sq ft or less............... $350 

Homes  1500-3500 sq ft..................$380 

Homes above 3500 sq ft.................additional $10 per 100 sqft.

Discounts can be applied to all prices.


To book an inspection, click  "Book Online".  Or give me a call at 918-954-3120

We also offer an "EMP" inspection (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing). An EMP inspection is something we offer separate from a home inspection. Sometimes our clients are not interested in a full home inspection and only want major components inspected.

EMP when compared to our regular home inspection is a lower grade, limited visual inspection of the Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing systems only and not considered a regulated home inspection by the state of Oklahoma.

A regular home inspection already includes an EMP.

The price for an EMP inspection is $250 any size house




Safehome also offers other services (termite inspection, mold inspection, sewer scoping) for other services click the button below:

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Standard home inspection.
Termite inspection.

Sewer scope.

New deal: Sewer scope $99!

You can now order a sewer scope from Safehome Home Inspections LLC


Please contact us at 918-954-3120 from 8am-9pm. To schedule an inspection, click BOOK NOW.

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Is Thermal Imaging really necessary during a Home Inspection?

We use Thermal Imaging on every inspection, with no extra cost.

Lets take a look at why we think thermal imaging is a powerful tool



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Safehome has a list of local contractors in the Tulsa metro area that we trust to do a professional job.  Safehome NEVER accepts payment for referrals. These are just the people who have demonstrated good practice and other habits that we think our customers may benefit from.

Guess what else SafeHome offers customers for free?  Safehome now offers a free internationally recognized Life Expectancy Chart for household components.

Sealants, Cabinetry, Stain, Appliances, Countertops, Decks, Doors, Lights, Fixtures, Outlets, Electrical Panels, Joists, Trusses, Fastners, Beams, Flooring, Foundations, Garage Doors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Thermostats, Air Conditioners, Furnace, Ducting, Fireplaces, Insulation, Masonry, Panels, Different Plumbing Styles, Fixtures, Radon Systems, Roofing, Roof Coatings, Sidings, Flashings, Pools, Windows and more...

life exectancy chart.png

All of these components have a life expectancy and it would benefit any homeowner to know exactly what to expect  with regard to the durability of the various components of their home.


This 17 page mini-book is provided for free at no extra cost to all customers.

New! Guess what else Safehome offers customers at no extra charge? The "We'll buy your home back guarantee" backed by the largest home inspection membership group on the planet, Internachi. Click the logo for details:

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New - Guess what else Safehome offers with no extra charge?

$25,000 honor guarantee, backed by Internachi. Click for details.

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NEW! every customer will receive a free copy of "The Safe Home" read below


With every inspection each customer will receive a free copy of the book "THE SAFE HOME". This 225 page book goes into detail on how to maintain your home and check for issues, and better understand the components of your new property.


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